how to do french makeup step by step tutorial in 2022.

How To Do French Makeup Step By Step Tutorial In 2022.

Makeup artist reveals the simple steps How To Do French Makeup, And get the much – admired fresh and glowy Parisian makeup look in just 10 minutes. After hydrating skin , I uses a handful of key products including a concealer , highlighter and eyeash curler to get the natural look , perfect for the summer.

Today I wanted to do an How To Do French Makeup Step By Step Tutorial. everyday French makeup step by at home makeup for beginners. this everyday makeup look I wanted to do a more natural and sophisticated at the same time, and I think that this makeup can suit everyone. I only used broad shades on my eyelid and a nude lipstick on my lids.

How To Do French Makeup Step By Step Tutorial.

Normally I go for red lipsticks or all kinds of colours or lips, but nude can be tricky because it doesn’t fit to every lip color. I know it’s not always pleasant to experiment with lipsticks, but take a clean tissue and a product like Kingsville lipsticks and really try the nude on your lips; it can have a different effect depending on the lip colour that you have, so I really hope you enjoy the video and if you want to see this look, just keep watching. I first tie back my hair with hair grips so I won’t have makeup on my hair and it will be much easier to apply foundation.

 battery sheer expect foundation in the shade and I am playing with a face shape brush from Zoeva. It’s the one one zero. I think there is a bigger size of this shape, this kind of shepherd brush, but I really do love this one. It’s a small one so I really can go everywhere on my face or on my nose, you know really everywhere. It’s light to medium coverage, so I really build it gently and I always finish by the eyes. I have some blemishes so concealer.

  the Laura Mercier secret concealer in the shade-and I apply this concealer with the touch-up for cover brush from Bobbi Brown. It’s basically a beige concealer which covers my purple under the eyes. I don’t have huge purple on my eyes, but it’s always good to cover his eyes with my face. I really feel more awake after applying my concealer to blemishes.

I am always using the secret can flash from Laura Mercier in the shade SS3 in the shade SS. This R is really a shade which suits lots and lots of different kinds of skin tone. I love this concealer for blemishes because it has a good consistency and it works well. It works really well and manages for my eye base. I am using the one from Laura Mercier in the shade.

this eye base using because there is a little bit of colour in it so it covers you noticing on your eyelid. It’s great and to set my eyes I am using the secret brightening powder from Laura Mercier. It’s the finest butter I have ever seen to set my face.

How To Do French Makeup

the loose powder in the shade transparent transparent from Gao, which is a French brand. It’s a fine powder, not too white, so good and I apply it really in the centre of my face and where I conceal my face for my brows.

I’m using the Chanel eyebrow pencil in the shade Sati. This eyebrow pencil is great. I don’t have much to say about it. It’s not a formula. It’s not too greasy. It’s not too puri. I apply it by little strokes and I always brush those strokes so it really looks more natural and this is really what I am looking for for eyeliner.

  the l’oreal Paris eyeliner gel and the brush that says always a product, and I apply it in my top waterline and it will really intensify my lashes and my eye look when I apply some mascara, so it’s ready to intensify your eye look and your eyes.

You won’t see an eyeliner line, you know black eyeliner, but it will really push your lashes and really intensify. I am using the Chanel eyeshadow quad in the shade Condor and experience to eight zero. It’s the only matte eyeshadow quite functional if I am not wrong.

There are three bronze tones and I loved on shades and one red shade and you really can use these palettes for everyday makeup and also a night makeup look. I first apply the lighter one of the Bonnie shades and I really build gently with a brush from Zoeva.

Again, I am using the Luke’s soft definer brush from Zoeva. I always try to stay in the outer corner of my eyes. On my crease, I apply the lighter brown shade with a Luke’s pencil brush.

The two-30 from Zoeva will really connect the colour with my eyelid and to finish, I mix Sri Sri to darker brown and the red burn, starting at the outer corner of my eyes again. Then I will curl my eyelashes with my boobie blonde eyelash curler. As always, it’s really good to use an eyelash curler before your master ha if you can, it will really open your eyes.

I’m using a low-volume from Chanel in the shade black. If you are looking for a really black mascara, this is the one for you. If you don’t want to spend too much time removing your mascara at night, maybe this is not the one for you. It’s a really intense mascara, but I really, really love it to bronze my skin. I am using it with a sheer putty brush from Bobbi Brown.

I try to do a kind of reshape on my face. I don’t use it as you come to shade as it is one bronzer but more to bronze my skin and give some definition to my skin for blush.

My favourite part is using Sutiya blush in the shade mini bronze, which is a lovely Brotherhood shade. I am absolutely in love with his brush; it reminds me so much of Spanish portraits from the 18th and 19th centuries, those portraits of ladies with really heated cheeks, hyssop pink cheeks, I would say, and I really love those kinds of colours for cheeks and lips.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this video, I am wearing Chanel’s Hoosier Louvre lipstick in the shade Angelique 174. I start at the centre of my lips and I start gently to build the shape of my lips. I basically really follow my lips, but I really intensify the colour in the centre of my lips. I love this beige nude shade again. It works great for my lips.

It gives me release healthy healthy lips that I elect to wear on an everyday basis. For highlighting, I’m using the Laura Mercier addition. I love to use it with my fingers and not with a brush. I find it easier to control the amount of food I want to apply and I don’t know. I feel like I really can see the height of the effect of the highlighter when I apply it with my fingers.

I really apply it on the top of my cheekbones on my Cupid’s bow and with an angled brush from Bobbi Brown. So, in terms of nude lipsticks, the one I used today from Shannon I think can fit a lot of lip colors. It’s a warm beige nude. For example, for my lip color, when I rub nude lipsticks with a little bit of grey or croton, a little bit of purple in it, it doesn’t fit my lip color, so I really recommend you to try them. But this one can be a safe choice.

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