DJI pocket 3 release date | DJI Pocket 3 Spec’s & Price.

DJI Osmo pocket 3 release date | DJI Pocket 3 Spec’s & Price.

There are rumours going around that the DJI Pocket 3 Release Date  is coming in the third or fourth quarter of 2022. This is my design for how I would like it to look as well as the features and specs I hope to see .

DJI has revolutionised the world of photography with its drone and handheld camera devices. Not only that, it produces outstanding gimbals in addition to its popular consumer drones. The pocket series is a great example. DJI originally released a pocket in 2018 and it was a huge bump for vloggers, so DJI continued the generation with pocket 2 in 2020. Since then, users have been wondering about the pocket 3 and when it will hit the market. According to a league DJI product roadmap, the pocket 3 might just come this year. In our video today,

DJI pocket 3 release date ?

we’re going to discuss its release date and possible specifications without further a do. Let’s Dive in starting with the release date, a DJI Insider known as Dale Strong posted what appears to be a leaked document that reveals DJI’s upcoming product in 2022. According to the image, the DJI pocket 3 might hit the market in November 2022. That said, we don’t know how reliable the leak is, but it seems like it’s accurately predicted DJI’s upcoming products like the DJI Mini 3, RS3, and RSc3. Also, the Inspire 3 is expected to arrive in September 2022.

DJI pocket 3 Spec's & Sensors.

dji pocket 3 release date.

So the pocket 2 came with the one by 1.17 CMOS sensor, which isn’t bad while capturing photos and videos, but still nothing is absolute when it’s all about the camera performance in low light. You had to push the iso to 6000 to get a decent picture. However, with the upcoming DJI pocket 3, we’re hoping to see a bigger sensor compared to the previous model.

We might get a one-inch CMOS sensor, just like the insta360 one RS 1 inch 360 edition and that would be great to have a one inch sensor inside.

Also, it’s expected that the pocket 3 is likely to come with improved 10 bit colour depth and HDR. In terms of design, the DJI pocket 2 is amazing.

DJI Pocket 3 Waterproofing Capabilities.

It’s compact, sleek and looks premium, but it’s not waterproof One of the best reasons to choose an action camera like GoPro or DJI Action is their inherent waterproofing, so we hope DJI will find a way to make the upcoming pocket 3 waterproof. Besides that, a mic Jack that didn’t connect to a third-party mic would be a great addition to the pocket 3.

DJI Mini 3 Design & better audio recording experience.

It will give the users a better audio recording experience, so yes, we would love to see a mic. Furthermore, it’d be great if DJ provided a better cooling system because the pocket 2 heats up while recording at high quality. Furthermore, a faster CPU produces more heat, so in the pocket 3, we might get an even faster CPU and better heat management, which is very nice and necessary.

Another important thing is that the most recent action cameras come with a modular design to let the users unlock new possibilities. Also, modular design gives the flexibility to remove and replace any faulty part instead of buying the whole product again.

DJI Pocket 3 Battery performance.

Anyway, the DJI pocket 2 can last for up to 2 hours depending on how roughly you use it, which isn’t bad but also not that impressive, so a swappable battery would be a great addition for uninterrupted recording. Furthermore, it’s also expected to have an upgraded app with a fast wireless connection. In short, there are a lot of features expected from the upcoming DJI pocket 3. If everything goes well according to DJI’s product lineup, we might be able to see it this year.

So what do you think? What new features do you expect from the upcoming pocket 3?

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