5 different types of jeans for women. 

5 different types of jeans for women.  must have jeans in my opinion, of course.
Now, these five jeans I feel are super versatile and will make your wardrobe super versatile.
If you have just five of these in your wardrobe.
because they can be paired with literally everything.
tops, t-shirts, crop tops, shirts, bodysuits, and every other type of top available.

If you’re not much of a denim person, I have also made a video on 6 must-have pants.
I’m so gonna link that down below and you must check that out as well.
Apart from that, I do feel like jeans are super versatile.
because you can literally wear them to dinner dates, movie shopping, literally everything.

So let’s jump right into it.
Before I jump right into the jeans, I do want to share a couple of terms.
That which you will come across when you’re shopping for jeans
The first three are mid-rise, high-rise, and low-rise buildings.

Now, these actually mean high waist, mid waist, and low waist.
So, high-rise jeans are basically a pair of jeans that sit right on your navel.
or just above it and the region, like from the crotch to the waist.
It usually measures more than nine inches, so like nine to 11 inches.

Mid rise is obviously lower than nine inches, crotch to waist level, plus it sits below the navel, and low rise is, of course, low waist, and it’ll be like right somewhere just above your hip bone.
So that’s what low-waist jeans are.
The second terms I frequently encounter are dark wash, light wash, and medium wash.

This basically means the colour of the blue in the jeans.
So if it is a light wash, it will be lighter blue.
If it is a dark wash, it will be a darker, darker blue.
Light and dark-wash jeans are basically more formal and dressy as compared to the light-wash ones.
Apart from that, you also come across a lot of terms like “
girlfriend jeans, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, and dad jeans
I also gave her something called “ex-boyfriend jeans.”

There are a tonne of terms out there. I am not aware of all of them.
But the jeans that I’m showing you today do include some of these.
so you will have an idea of it. So I think those are all the terms that I wanted to cover.

1) blue skinny jeans.

blue skinny jeans.

first one My first must-have is a blue skinny jean.
Now I don’t mean the uncomfortable skinny fit, like in which you can’t even really sit down.
has a good fabric which is comfortable. I personally prefer a mid-rise.
which is either cropped or ankle and, personally, I feel like
It looks neater and makes you look more put together.

It looks more tailored in my opinion.
And this one is from Aeropostale, but I’m going to link down several alternatives.
You can pick from different budgets, so you can choose the one that is affordable for you. Apart from that, skinny jeans can also make you look taller.
So, if you are on the shorter side of average height, this is a good option.

2) black pair.

Black pair

Moving on to the second pair of jeans, The second must-have is a black pair of jeans. Now these can be skinny fading, these can be your boyfriend’s jeans, girlfriend’s jeans, whatever you like. But make sure they’re not distressed, so I would not recommend that. In black, stressed jeans are a must-have.
But you must have a good pair of black jeans with you.

These are actually slouchy jeans and they are from Mango.
and I’ve worn them so many times it’s like they are literally my go-to these days.
And so you keep asking me about the details because I’ve watched it quite a few times.

You can actually find all the exact details of my outfit on my Instagram.
So go there and I actually mentioned the exact product codes of all the outfits that I post there, So you can find all of them in the caption.

Slouchy jeans are super comfortable. Now this one is also high rise
so I can wear it with crop tops and generally shorter tops.
and just make sure if you’re picking up a pair of slouchy jeans,
You have to wear something fitted on top to balance out the silhouette.

3) mom jeans.​

mom jeans

Now when I say you’re not the only one who’s confused between
What is the difference between mom jeans, girlfriend jeans, and boyfriend jeans?
I mean, it does count me in. I am pretty clueless about all of it.
but I have figured out what mom’s jeans are. and I think it’s a great pair to have.

These are from Mango and they have definitely made it to my must have jeans list.
because they’re super comfortable to wear.
Particularly when you don’t want to wear a skinny fit.
These are high-rise, so they are tighter at the top.
and they sort of loosen up and become a straight fit towards the bottom and the end at your ankles.

This one is from mango, so obviously slightly on the pricier side.
I got a lot of requests for product details for this as well.
Again, you’ll find it all on my insta captions. I mentioned the exact product details every time. But nevertheless, I’m also going to mention some alternative product links. for you guys in the description box. So you should check that out as well.

4) distress jeans.

distress jeans.

Moving on to the fourth pair of jeans,
Distressed jeans are also a trend that came in a long time back.
They are, however, here to stay.
Now I did mention that a black distress gene is not a must-have.
So I’m not including that, but I do have one.
So just to show it to you guys, I brought it in.
This is a skinny fit and is distressed.
The other one that I have is mom jeans again, and both of them are from Forever 21.

This one is slightly more distressed, like on the knees.
You can get jeans with very little to really like from the top to the bottom.
So it really depends on your choice.
But this is a trend that is here to stay and it looks pretty cool.
Very suitable for casual outings.So, I do recommend keeping one in your wardrobe.
So now the fifth and final pair of jeans that I have for you guys is a pair of white jeans.
Now the fit of a white jean can really make it or break it for you.

I got these from Zara. They are slightly, I think, low.
These are also slightly worn. They were given to me a long time ago.Well, let me tell you,

5) white jeans.

White Jeans

These are not the perfect fit for me.
white jeans I’m still on the lookout for the best pair of white jeans for me. So the hunt is still on. But to give you guys some tips,
You have to make sure of the stretchability and the transparency.

and, of course, it should fit you really well.
If you are more on the slender fit side, go for a skinny fit, of course.
And if you’re more on the curvier side, I suggest picking up a slim fit or maybe like mom jeans as well.
So yeah, the best white pair of jeans for me would be basically the one that fits you really well.

It sits on your curves very closely and does not squeeze you in too tight or make you feel uncomfortable.
So that brings us to the end of this video.
I hope it was informative and helpful in some way for you.

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